Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change


It worked! I knew it would. Going public to say I hadn’t heard from Ursula for ages (see last post) meant that she got in touch with me almost immediately. That’s the way the universe works- it goes out of its way to make you worried and then, just when you are about to break, it does a quick about-face in order to make you look daft for worrying too much in the first place.

In accordance with this rule, I have just had this email from Ursula:

Plis arrange your flights and let me know.  We will arrange for your trip to the Carterets.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually take me any further forward, as I still don’t know what date to book the flights for. I’ve written back to ask (again) when she expects the evacuation to start, but am starting to suspect that we what I am experiencing is the failure of my english brain to accept the reality of tropical island culture – where everything is fairly relaxed and groovy and if something doesn’t happen today, it will probably happen soon. So that’s OK.
Odds are, I will turn up and find the boats aren’t actually due to leave for quite a while so will have to wait. As far as I’m concerned that isn’t a bad thing. I’ll be on a tropical island. It might not go down to well at home though with my fiancee Elle, who won’t be on the tropical island but will at home in the snow, earning money to pay the rent. Fortunately, I have given her plenty of opportunity in the past to practice being both patient and understanding with me… 

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