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Blogs, feeds and table-biting

Tom, who blogs at Idiolect, writes to tell me:

Do you use rss? I think you have deleted the rss link from your blog
template. I think you should consider putting it back so we can all
subscribe to your blog.

To be honest, I probably had deleted the rss link. It’s very easy to loose something when you have no idea either that it exists or what it does.

Now, after a mere half-hour of scrabbling around with bits of code and having taken the occasional bite out of the table in frustration, I think I have worked out the answers to both of these and installed an rss link over there on the right. It’s the little red square. Click it, hopefully it works.

For those of you who also have no idea what an rss link does (maybe I was sick that day at school), it allows you to subscribe to this blog. So every time I write something new, you can find out what it is.

And a note on Tom; a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to set up a blog, but had absolutely no idea  what I was doing. Tom took pity on me and invited me round for a morning’s crash course in website-building conducted in the bedroom of the titchy-witchy flat he was renting in London, after which I was mostly confused. The fruits of that morning you can now see around you.

Tom’s own blog, however, is much more established and advanced, and probably a better read. Frankly, I don’t know how he has the time to get all the reading he does for his blog out of the way each day and actually do any work.


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  Adrian wrote @

And a very fine blog it is too! RSS is a good thing to have, but I wouldn’t get too wrapped up in it – apparently, it’s not really used all that much.

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