Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

The internet is amazing II

It is. Really amazing. Or rather the world is amazing, and the internet helps you find out more things about it to be amazed by.

But seriously, how good is this: One of my closest friends is Callum, who works for PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Beijing. I’ve sent him emails about this journey (apparently, he can’t get into the blog in China). He sent an email on to a colleague of his in Port Moresby (capital of Papua New Guinea), saying I was coming over.

She wrote to me saying we should meet up for a drink when I arrive (she’s Australian, they are nice like that), and that her boyfriend was a journo (also Australian), and had done a film a few years back on the Carteret Islands (which can be watched here).

That was one happy coincidence. Then she also said she knew another local journo called Ilya Gridneff. Now, Ilya and I used to work together on The Australian newspaper in Sydney. In fact, we shared a desk for a while. I think we even shared a chair (he was working days, me nights). He now lives in Port Moresby and has just emailled to invite me to spend the night with him when I arrive, in return for some “duty free spirits” (he’s Russian). That’s great, because it also saves me having to spend about £150 on a hotel room in what I have realised is a strangely expensive city.

I Googled Ilya, trying to find a photo for this post. I found a lot more, including the fact he used to work as a freelance in Baghdad, has been described as “well-read, funny, swashbuckling and drunk as a skunk” by the London Review of Books, and has co-written a very strange book (apparently it’s “a novel that doesn’t really believe in novels), and once met a hermaphrodite goat called ’50-50′

I have to stop now, as I could be here all day. I still haven’t found his photo, though.


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