Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

The visitors must always make the first move

polaroidIt feels like half the technology I’m taking with me (satellite modem, lap top, solar panels) is very 21st century and the rest very, very 20th. This polaroid camera is my pick of the latter – it wasn’t my idea to take it rather the thought came from Michael Moran (who literally wrote the book on PNG and the surrounding islands. It’s called Beyond the Coral Sea). He said people in the region are too used to whitefellas turning up, taking photos and taking them away with them. This way, I can leave the photos behind. I’ve also got a gut feeling that this solid, clunky bit of kit will more than likely outlast every other piece of techno-wizardry I’m packing.

Like Michael says in his book: “Their fierce expressions changed at once to broad smiles of extremem friendliness. But the visitors must always make the first move.”

ps. The guy in the right of the photo is my brother, Joe. He’s about to leave for a few years in Australia so we are having our last few days together for a while now.


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