Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change


Dan at work 001I will make it. I caught the only flight out of Buka today, to Port Moresby, a jungle-hopper that stopped first in Rabaul and Lae. Tomorrow I fly to Brisbane and from there, a few hours later, to Singapore and London. I arrive late on Thursday afternoon, in time for the service at the crematorium on Friday.

It strikes me that this is a good time to thank those without whom this journey would not have been possible. I have been lucky. Looking back now it seems that everyone I met who could help, did, often without a second thought and almost always for no reward. So, to the following, thanks:

Simon Kearney
Sarah Elks (and Mitch)
Ilya Gridneff
Liam Fox
Geraldine Paul
Wesley Kenneth
Lesley Tseraha
Raymond Masono
The staff of Rabans Guest Haus
Mattias and Carol Horn
Ursula Rakova
Ruth Marcella
John Sailik
Mark ‘Wolfy’ (mate, I’ve forgotten how to spell your surname)
Dave Hempenstall (who, among other things, took the above photo)

There are others, I’m sure, that I have unjustly forgotten. When I remember them, I will add their names here.



  Wolfy wrote @

Hope it all goes well for you when you get back mate.

It’s been a pleasure.

Mark Wolfsbauer.

  Stuart wrote @

Bloody hell. I’ve just spent the last hour and a half reading your blog. For some reason along the way I successively failed to pick up your daily entries, but I’ve just caught up on Singapore to your flight back under such sad circumstances. Really enjoyed reading it and it was at times very touching. It sounds like an amazing adventure and I look forward to seeing you and hearing how you feel about it all when it’s all had time to sink in a little. In the meantime, bloody well done.

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