Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

Costing the Earth

Great news. A BBC Radio 4 documentary about the Carteret Islands is going out on air tonight. A lot of the material will be stuff I recorded on this trip, with the rest of the programme having been put together in sunny Birmingham while I was away. While I don’t think you will hear my voice – be thankful for small mercies – you will be able to hear from the islanders themselves.  The first broadcast is on Monday May 25 at 9pm GMT, with a repeat at 1.30pm on Thursday May 28 and the programme can also be downloaded from its website.

Being able to contribute to this doco is a real bonus for me. A second Radio 4 documentary, the Journey of a Lifetime programme I originally came out here to make, will be broadcast later this year. I will keep you posted.



  simon wrote @

A disgraceful piece of propoganda. No attempt at all to suggest any other rason the islands may be sinking -like being in an earthquake belt

  Wolfy wrote @


  simon wrote @

yes, totally one sided. doesnt mention any other possible cause for the isalnds sinking

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