Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

Money (well) spent

Spent a good part of today going through the various pots, pockets and bank accounts used to finance the expedition to make sure I have at least some idea of where all the money went. It’s amazing how complicated things can get when you are working in an economy where the sea shell is a recognised form of currency and the nearest bank is a three-hour boat ride away, and doesn’t accept your card.

Doing so has really driven home that this expedition simply would not have been possible without generous support, and among those who provided it, I would particularly like to single out the Ashden Trust.

I received a grant from the Trust, to be used ‘to publicise the evacuation of the Carteret Islands as a result of climate change’. Looking at it now, I think I can say this was money well spent. On top of this blog, I have either written for, been written about, helped produce or been interviewed by:

A BBC Radio 4 documentary, which went out on Monday. (You can catch it here).

Another BBC Radio 4 doco – the Journey of a Lifetime programme – which will go out later this year.  

The Guardian newspaper.

A weekly blog for The Ecologist.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (once, with another interview in the pipeline).

The National Broadcasting Corporation of Papua New Guinea.

The Bund magazine (you need to be able to read Mandarin for this one)

Les Humaines Associes (and French for this one)

The Survivor

American Prospect

I’m also looking forwards to going back to a couple of schools I visited before I left to talk about the expedition and who have since been following this blog and emailing me questions about the islands. I’m really looking forwards to this, the kids are great.


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  Richard Barnett wrote @

Hi Dan – Heard your very moving piece on Costing the Earth yesterday. I keep telling people about what you have been covering and mostly get a shocked reaction that it hasn’t had a higher profile. Ho hum – I suppose it’s a case of ‘out of sight and out of mind’ – Thanks for everything you and your backers have been doing – Richard

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