Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

Bride price

I think the Carteret Islanders are the nicest people I have ever met. I’ve just received this email (below) from Ruth, one of the people I spent a lot of time talking to on the islands.

She says that, since I left, the islanders have produced some shell money they want to send me. You see, I’m getting married in August and they say I can use this to pay bride-price.

I’ll check with my prospective father-in-law to see if shell money is acceptable.

Hey Dan
A   lahi  a niga ,how are you I hope everything  is ok .thankyou for the email  I got yesterday  afternoon it was so  nice to hear what you are doing  at  the other side of the wolrd about proves  to me what you told me  already Here is my address xxx xxxx xxxxx xxx
Thankyou for  sending the address which Ihave requested to you .
II want to let you know that Iam still having problem sending your gifts Iam very very worrying about it because Iwant you to collect it before the end of July or first week of August before your special day comes Iam going to  try again tomorrow , you know to me it  is very very urgent  for you  to take hold on it the other thing Iam requesting to you is  your phone number and the codes numbers, please I want to talk to you about your gifts,if you send it to me  then  tell me what is the right time I can call you . I am so conces  about it because if I dont  sent it to you this grp 4 will put are curse on me. Iam just giving you my Digicel number xxxxxxxxx.
You have two shell money  and they are 2metres each and  all is white .Ihope you and your girl will like it.
On  Monday  or Wednesday Iam going to carterets with one Korean man for  businees trip  about life fish project and coming back on Friday . The whole month of July I will be at Buka  attending  the translators course.
If you want the up dates of the carterets  just let me know and I can email you
Iam glad that you sent to Ursula the good  news about what you are doing and I know it will settle her because sometimes she doesnt trust us.
Thanks and many many blessings
Em tasol Bye
Mi  Ruth M

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