Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

I’m lovin’ it

A question arises: what to do with the blog now you are back from the islands?

I know it has suffered since I returned, partly because life now simply isn’t as interesting as life out there (‘got up, brushed my teeth, made coffee…’ doesn’t compare to ‘climbed coconut, swam in coral lagoon, witnessed first boatload of world’s first climate change evacuation…’) but also because I moved into a new flat and am still waiting for the phone line, and then the internet, to be connected. Until then, I’ve been largely reliant on the free wireless and disappointing milkshakes served up at McDonalds (they’re just don’t taste as good as when you were a child).

But, on balance, I’ve decided to keep the blog going. As the man said, you’re not going to be able to tell the story of island life anymore but it can be platform for other people, links, downloads, discussion and so on. Ultimately, it may change. It may transform or get swallowed up insomething else. But that will have to wait. At least until I get more computer time than currently available at my table under the Golden Arches.


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