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Congratulations Clearwell

Well done Clearwell school. I mean it, I’m dead impressed. You can always rely on children to sort things out.
What am I talking about?

The kids held a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (itself no mean feat). What’s more, they asked for donations from the audience to help the people of the Carteret Islands and raised almost £100.
I’ll let them speak for themselves (the following have been left as comments elsewhere on the site, but I thought them definately worth flagging up here):

The is from the class six teacher, Gill.

“Dan,glad you enjoyed the visit to school.The children certainly did.We decided to ask for donations instead of fixing a price for tickets and some of the governors provided refreshments to sell .The weather was horrendous on the evening of the play but plenty of people turned out for us. The play went well.People laughed in the right places and someone-probably Lis-said that it was better than the Royal Shakespeare Comany’s production! However, we did raise some money but I’m not sure how to get it to the right people.Could you let me know?
Hope all goes well in August”

And this from Liz, who teaches the little ones:

The play was brilliant- eat your hearts out RSC.
A big thanks to the children who raised £92 for the people of the Carteret Islands.
We love you Dan,
Clearwell School


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