Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

Hello Mr Postman

envelope 001Oh my,

the shell money has arrived. A DHL van arrived with it in the middle of arainstorm this morning. I stood out on the road in my raincoat to meet the driver, feeling about a million miles away from the tropical island on which the shell money was made (technically, about 16,000 miles away).

What do I do? The shell money has been sent by the islanders, so i can pay bride-price for Elle when we get married next month. I’m supposed to hang it around her neck during the ceremony. But should I open it now? Should I show Elle? Should I save it as a surprise? So exiting.

I’m particularly pleased that Dave, the Aussie bloke who arranged and paid (thanks Dave) for the shell money to be shipped to me in the UK wrote the following on the waybill under ‘Full description of contents’:

“bookmarks, letters, cards, bride price.”

And the best bit is that, due to a typical bit of PNG over-complication, the lady who had been entrusted with getting the shell money to me by the islanders decided she didn’t trust Dave when he turned up, so she only gave him one of the two shell-monies she had on her. That means there’s a whole other parcel of shell-money still to come!


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