Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

Reader, I opened it…

envelope 002… the shell money is beautiful.

The parcel also contained a letter:

Dear Dan,

A tsi soasa (good day) thanks alot for the address which will help me much to send your things quickly.
How are you friend, is your memories still of the Carterets Island?

Your shell money was given by the group 4 Comm this groups starts at the schools and finishes at the boys house and community government office.

Dan, its a gift and a word of appreciation to you, with you, gladness and happiness, for you being one of us eg: eating our special food like coconuts, yevo (the one that looks like a snake but is not a snake) etc.
Thankyou for respecting our Culture and Customs. Your staying at Carterets Island is appreciated so much. With this shell money it shows how much we treasure you in our hearts and in our memories.

envelope 001Note: shell money is so important to us. It is the foundation of our Culture and Customs. We hide it and used it only for special purposes. Especially for bride price.
When we put it on the neck and between the two hands of the girl then every man will not touch that girl. Because they know is somebody else girl. During wedding day put it on your girl, please!

However, the group 4 told me that you are the most most outstanding friend that they ever met.

They said that out of all the journalist that came to the Carterets you are the outstanding one. Dan you did what we were not expected you to do, but its excellent you did it. So you won and capture our hearts.

There is two shell money I am holding on to. Each is 2 metres, I am sending you other one and if you received it safely then you can email me and I can send you the other one.
If this first one doesn’t arrive safely then you can come back and collect it by your self please. I don’t want you to miss it.
We don’t know what will happen on the way when its travelling, that’s why I won’t send two of them at the same time.
So I am trying this way.

If you want up dates of what is going on on the Carterets then email us.

Six TV crews are going to the island on the next month.

Dan are you coming back sometimes to the Island? If you came back I will be really proud again with you. I am hoping to see you again at the island. Can you send some photo or email it to me for you and me.
Laikim yu Em tasol,
Ruth Marcella.


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