Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

Talcum? powder

Another letter, and a second shell money, arrives from Buka, with this instruction on the first page:

“Please don’t read the letter or not first do put this powder inside onto your face.

then you can read.

Just a sign of happiness to you.”


dan with powder


Tsi bong bong Dan, hello and a very good morning to you. hope you are so busy with your special day coming up. Here is the last shell money for you.

And also my word of congratulation to you Have a good and nicest day that you have never had before. Enjoy your day to fullest.

Remember will be thinking for you also on that day, that’s why I wanted this shell money to arrived on time.

Thanks for your email about the children raising the money. Very appreciated for that. There’s some news or up dates, but because you are will let you know when I come back to Buka again.

You a busy and I need to have a little time to rest, because my head was so cracking or breaking for a month here at Buka.

Once again Dan, Congratulation.

Enjoy and be happy with you day.

Remembering you on this day.

Thinking of you    ”    ”      ”




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  Wolfy wrote @

I didn’t think you could get any whiter 🙂

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