Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

On air – tomorrow

I had no idea when I started this journey just how long it would take, nor how much of my life it would fill, nor how much I would get from it.

For those who want to hear me take some of those steps, the broadcast of the radio programme about the journey to ad life on the islands will be broadcast tomorrow, Friday September 4, at 11am on Radio 4. I haven’t heard it yet, so will be one of those listening – along with my mum.

But there’s more…

IMG_4172There’s also a two-page spread in this week’s Radio Times about the programme, featuring a few pics from the islands and a pic of me blogging via sat modem. It’s one of the msot prestigious publications I’ve ever written for and will hopefully drum up a couple of listeners to add to me and my mum. The RT spread certainly exited the programme’s producer (and guiding hand throughout the journey), Simon Elmes, who sent me this text when he saw it:

“Hi Dan. I know ur on honeymoon (congrats to u and El!) bt jst want 2 say ur Radio Times piece is ace! Doublepage spread w pics – gorgeous. Best ever for JOLT! Well done. S.”

And, I’ve just had the dates confirmed for my lectures about the trip at the Royal Geographical Society. I’ll be speaking on October 6 and December 14, the latter part of the regular Monday-night series of talks. (Having just visited the RGS website to get the above link I also found I am currently the main thing on the home page). Watch this space for more info on the talks.

Finally, I’ve just won an award for this blog. Apparently, its one of the Top 100 Climate Change blogs, according to The Daily Reviewer. I can’t imagine it really is, but it’s nice to be told.


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  Adrian wrote @

Excellent show, Dan. I thought it was very poignant, and very interesting. I liked how you the final few comments were those of the islanders, and your final comment was very meaningful.

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