Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

“Dan risked life and limb…”

Is Dan vain enough to put the reviews for his radio programme up on this blog?

Yes he is…

The Independent, Observer, Daily Telegraph, Times and Yorkshire Post all made the Journey of a Lifetime programme their Radio Choice (at least half the credit for this has to go to Simon Elmes, the programme’s BBC producer), and these papers also had this to say:

Daily Telegraph
Dan Box, winner of this year’s Journey of a Lifetime award, made jointly by the Royal Geographical Society and the BBC, chose to make his journey to the Carteret Islands, on the far west of Papua New Guinea. You can hear the waves as he begins his frank and engaging report. But this no idyllic beach. It’s the last staging post to a coral atoll, sinking below those very waves, its people relocating en masse to higher ground on another island. He wants to be of help, not just an observer. And it’s going to be hard.

The Times
The latest winner of the BBC/Royal Geographical Society’s annual competition that enables young journalists to travel far and wide to report on their dream assignment is Dan Box. He went to the remote and low-lying Carteret Islands of Papua New Guinea, whose population is being evacuated to a nearby, higher island because their tropical atoll is, as one of the inhabitants puts it, being “taken back by the sea”. It is one of the first instances of human displacement as a result of global warming. Box’s audio dispatches begin with his admitting to having packed unwisely for the trip – the overcoat, sleeping bag and heavy jumper have to go, for a start – and continue with his reports on a people who, having lost their home and most of their possessions, now have to hack out a new place with their bare hands.

“It’s our home and we don’t want to leave it but we are leaving it because the sea doesn’t want us to live there.” Residents of Papua New Guinea’s low-lying Carteret Islands, forced to evacuate because of rising sea levels, talk with a surprising lack of bitterness to Dan Box, the latest winner in the BBC and Royal Geographical Society’s annual competition for a “dream journey” project. Box is not the most penetrating interviewer, but is a sympathetic and respectful presence. SB

Yorkshire Post
Young journalist Dan Box decided to explore global warming by travelling to the remote and low-lying Carteret Islands, in Papua New Guinea, whose population is being evacuated to a nearby, higher island. Dan risked life and limb to travel through stormy seas to witness the first men and women to leave their home, after the Carterets were inundated in a huge storm. Most of the fertile land was rendered unusable and evacuation became inevitable.

Make up your own mind here.


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  Wolfy wrote @

Congratulations mate, proud of ya.
DVDs are almost sorted.

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