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A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

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Breaking news

I’ve just heard – the Journey for the Lifetime doco is a finalist for the 2010 One World Media Awards. Very exiting and all props to producer Simon Elmes, who took a whole bunch of my raw ramblings and turned it into a proper documentary.

The awards night is June 22, and I’m looking forwards to a good old knees-up. After all, I’ve seen the list of past winners and am sure the competition is as stiff again, but at the very least you get a free dinner.


This just in

I’ve just been told that the BBC are entering the Journey of a Lifetime doco, which went out on Radio 4, for this year’s One World Media awards. Very exiting stuff, but the competition will be amazing, so I’m not getting any hopes up yet. I’ll let you know if anything happens.

World Service

A version of the Journey of a Lifetime doco has been broadcast on the BBC World Service. I missed it (though with any luck some of the those I met in Papua New Guinea did not), but you can catch it here.

Big in Shrewsbury

This is it, the big time. I’ve been interviewed by BBC Radio Shropshire about the Carterets and the broadcast is going out tonight. All of you within the county borders and in search of a little entertainment this evening, expect it anytime before six pm tonight.

Seriously, it’s a privilege to be able to talk about the Carterets to any and every audience. The first of the two talks I’m giving to the Royal Geographical Society went well this week – or at least they haven’t said I can’t come back to give the second one. I was also asked to speak at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust AGM last night.

Also, great news, a version of the Journey of a Lifetime doco for BBC Radio 4 has been edited down for broadcast on the World Service. Not only an honour but a chance for those people out in Papua New Guinea to hear it. No broadcast date as yet, but watch this space…

Journey of a Lifetime

PNG mapEast, Dan, east. The Carteret Islands are in the east of Papua New Guinea. Not, as you said three times in the course of the programme, the west. Idiot boy.

That apart, I really enjoyed listening to the programme (which can be downloaded here), maybe more than anyone else who did. I could remember every moment; the heat, the music, the taste of the fish eyes…

Simon Elmes at the BBC did a great job stitching it all together and I’m really proud to have worked with him on it. The programme has also been made the Radio 4 ‘podcast of the week’. My Aunty Sue says they should give me a badge.

Latest news: This just in from the Carteret Islands…

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On air – tomorrow

I had no idea when I started this journey just how long it would take, nor how much of my life it would fill, nor how much I would get from it.

For those who want to hear me take some of those steps, the broadcast of the radio programme about the journey to ad life on the islands will be broadcast tomorrow, Friday September 4, at 11am on Radio 4. I haven’t heard it yet, so will be one of those listening – along with my mum.

But there’s more…

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A distinct and unusual honour

I’ve just got back from the BBC studios in Birmingham, where I was recording a last few bits of speech for Simon to edit in to the recordings in PNG to hold the programme together. I like working with Simon, he has the happy habit of telling you that everything you do is wonderful, so you end up walking home feeling ten foot tall (he’s also very good at his job as these programmes, evidence of which can be heard here).

But in among the mutual backslapping he said something that really stuck in my mind – he was dead pleased with the recordings I made in PNG, so pleased in fact that he plans on sending them all to the BBC Sound Effects library where they will be preserved – and available to access – ¬†for the future. It’s a great testament to the moment in time that I was fortunate enough to record, and to the people I met. I feel very pleased.

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