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A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

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A very nice lady from Reuters called me up the other day to talk about the Carterets. You can read what she had to say here – it’s a nicely considered piece with a good focus on what I think is the most important thing about the evacuation of the islands, which is that we should be paying them more attention as a case study of something we will see a whole lot more of soon all around the world (more on this subject soon).

Also, the first of the regional lectures I am giving on the trip is next Thursday at the Stamford Arts Centre in Lincolnshire, so buy a ticket while they’re hot. At the very least it’s an increasingly-rare chance to catch me wearing a suit…


Big in Shrewsbury

This is it, the big time. I’ve been interviewed by BBC Radio Shropshire about the Carterets and the broadcast is going out tonight. All of you within the county borders and in search of a little entertainment this evening, expect it anytime before six pm tonight.

Seriously, it’s a privilege to be able to talk about the Carterets to any and every audience. The first of the two talks I’m giving to the Royal Geographical Society went well this week – or at least they haven’t said I can’t come back to give the second one. I was also asked to speak at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust AGM last night.

Also, great news, a version of the Journey of a Lifetime doco for BBC Radio 4 has been edited down for broadcast on the World Service. Not only an honour but a chance for those people out in Papua New Guinea to hear it. No broadcast date as yet, but watch this space…

“Dan risked life and limb…”

Is Dan vain enough to put the reviews for his radio programme up on this blog?

Yes he is…

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On air – tomorrow

I had no idea when I started this journey just how long it would take, nor how much of my life it would fill, nor how much I would get from it.

For those who want to hear me take some of those steps, the broadcast of the radio programme about the journey to ad life on the islands will be broadcast tomorrow, Friday September 4, at 11am on Radio 4. I haven’t heard it yet, so will be one of those listening – along with my mum.

But there’s more…

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Walking the talk

For those of you interested in finding out more about the Carterets, I’ve been invited to speak about the journey at a couple of conferences. The first is being run by Action Aid in London on June 19 and has a rocking line up of other speakers, including the New Economics Foundation and one of the producers from The Age of Stupid. The other is a day later, also in London, and is being organised by Robert Butler, who has a very impressive blog here.

I’ll also be talking at a few primary schools, but I think these will be harder to get into. There’s a strict age limit on those in the audience for one thing…

Money (well) spent

Spent a good part of today going through the various pots, pockets and bank accounts used to finance the expedition to make sure I have at least some idea of where all the money went. It’s amazing how complicated things can get when you are working in an economy where the sea shell is a recognised form of currency and the nearest bank is a three-hour boat ride away, and doesn’t accept your card.

Doing so has really driven home that this expedition simply would not have been possible without generous support, and among those who provided it, I would particularly like to single out the Ashden Trust.

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