Journey to the Sinking Lands

A witness to the world's first evacuation of an entire people due to climate change

So, who is Dan?

For the past few years, I have lived mostly in Australia, where I worked as a newspaper reporter, wrote a book, and learned to surf. 

Swapping my suit for sandals, I spent six months  was living in Wanarn, a remote Aboriginal community a long way from anything in the middle of the central Australian deserts and where I began planning this journey. I had a lot of time on my hands.

Since then, I’ve moved back to Britain, got married, and spent as much time as I can find rock-climbing.



  Dave Gardner wrote @

Excellent project, Dan. “Radio 4 documentary” leads me to believe that will be an audio program. Will a film crew be accompanying you, or will you be shooting any video? I would very much like the opportunity to include a brief clip or two in my documentary about what we’re doing to the planet in our quest for perpetual economic growth. This is a perfect example of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Dave Gardner
Hooked on Growth

  graham crouch wrote @

Should be some good surfing in these Islands by the sounds of it Dan. An incredible opportunity – I look forward to seeing the results.

  finn and joe wrote @

Ello mate,
its finn and joe, both in Liverpool and thought it was appropriate to have a look at your blog.
very impressed with your professional site and the full scope of your expedition and we both like the dark, brooding photo. x

  Graham wrote @

I’ve seen you surf, its a bit rich to describe yourself as a surfer.

  Michael Davie wrote @

Dear Dan

I’m a producer with Channel Seven’s “Sunday Night” program in Sydney. I’m very interested in talking to you about what’s happening to the Carteret people. Is there any way we can talk? Do you have access to a phone where you are? If you can give me a number I’ll call you at your convenience.

Many thanks
Michael Davie
+ 61 448 119 437 (cell)
+ 61 2 9877 7654 (w)

  James wrote @

You did a wonderful job letting the world know about the Carteret. All the best with the wedding.
Dhan, NYC.

  Louise Hunt wrote @

Hi Dan,

Just heard your documentary on the Carteret Islands. Well done on telling the story. I was living in the Solomon Islands in 2005 and the pidgin, church singing and sound of outboard motors brought it all back. Do get in touch if you fancy swapping tales of leaf hut life.


  Liam Bolton wrote @

Hi Dan

I think the work you are doing is really fascinating and relevant. Is there any way I can get involved with your research on the Carteret Islands. I’m currently on a gap year before studying geography at university and would love the opportunity to help out in any way that I can. Please email back.

Thanks, Liam

  Jade Jacobsohn wrote @

Hi Dan,

I’m an environmental anthropologist at UCL in London (though am originally from South Africa). I’ve been looking into this case for some time now and am very seriously investigating the possibility of coming over in March/April 2010 do undertake an indepth study on the social consequences of such relocation on the Tuluuns. The idea is very much to set this up as a preliminary case study for IPCC/UNHCR considerations in dealing with the very real reality of future small Island (and livelihood) loss.

I was wondering whether it might be possible to initiate a little dialogue with yourself?

Thanks very much and I hope to hear back from you,


  Katie wrote @

I htink its really good what you’ve done and how you’ve got some publicity for the people of the Carterets Islands. You should be proud.

  pcktou wrote @

Hi Dan,

Im a graduate student in environmental law and I found your blog very telling. As a first hand witness to the resettlement of the Carterets you would surely be an interesting person to talk to.
I have a favour to ask you also. I am due to give a poster presentation on environmental displacement next month.
Would it be alright if I use some of your pictures (giving due reference of course)?
And do you have a better resolution image of this one on your flickr account:

Thanks in advance!


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